Red Sheep Red

by BlackWingedSheep

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the 14th BWS album

pj: all.


released January 7, 2015




BlackWingedSheep Vicenza, Italy

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Track Name: ...Like blood
blood like paint,Around visions Near death experience
Dread silence no breath thin hope excessive response Police's gift lack of brainJustice for poors Put to death Spurt red Paint the wall Body without soul true without true (distorted media) Controlled Dehumanized Tortured Jailed Violence and ignoranceBlood again blood No peace For militant Could you justify the death? Superiority to law Forgotten guilty
Track Name: Ocean
Skin Cold Sweat No air,No Breath, Armless Imbalance Take me Claustrophobic Pitch dark
Hopeless Choking Fear Freeze me No exit Blue Deep Desert Pressure Grow up Blinks eyes
SuicideNo escape from here No escape from Here No escape from hell [red fear rides oceans
Beginning of the end yet Another endless trip under the pale night No time to escape from hell
Track Name: Atom
[Searching core's split majestic art of destruction]Enriched uranium, weapon grade Fuel
for death Two suns Nuclear pulse Coled stone casting stone No nations, no states No
boarders no enemyWind blow red air flash light blind eyesEmp turns into primitive New
perfect society Rise from final fallout New human mankind Desert of steel Electric storm
Radio active rain Genetic mutation when men understood the power of atom they killed god
Track Name: When Sheep Become Red
Stalingrad: Sentiment, rage changes the mind [morning sun, red pulse light] A rifle against the enemies, Above the sky soft clouds. Partisans putting back enemies....
Track Name: Don't Clean Up This Blood
The most serious suspension of democratic rights in a Western country since the Second World War.The police indiscriminately attacked the building's occupants, resulting in the arrest of 93 protesters; 61 were seriously injured and were taken to hospital, three of them were in a critical condition and one in a coma. Prisoners taken to a temporary detention facility in Bolzaneto were tortured and humiliated before being released. The raid resulted in the trial of 125 policemen, including managers and supervisors, for what was termed a beating from "Mexican butchery" by the assistant chief Michelangelo Fournier. However, none of the accused police officers were punished, due to delays in the investigation and incompleteness of Italian laws under which torture is not recognised as a crime. wellcome to italy
Track Name: Red flow line
Fight back enemies Strategy of mass destruction Burn down social systems Hiding the face with a mask Filling the mouth with orders Red Flow Line Stones throw become bullets shoot Old school Urban battlefield Lood and brain on ground again Reaction are justified by corporate media Red Flow Line The fashion of state violence Red and white watched on tv Blood and brain on ground again No officer is guilty in murder No torture, no bone break, no intimidation Decline of modern society Militaristic Democratic RepublicRed Flow Line
Track Name: Super SIC
Steer, highly unusual fashion Outlandish iron riding The racer is more basic Than his carbon fucking horse Super sonic , Super Sic Siding fast, Super Sic Only true, Super Sic Very high, Super Sic Far-out limits, we understand Fight for top, without mercy Speed blood, thick winner Curly head, genuine hero

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